Macrophoto Group

Extension Stand & Base Illuminator Other
Extension Tubes Focusing Rail & Focusing Stage Lighting Set for Copy Stand Close-up lenses
Auto Extension Tubes Handy Copy Stand Epi-Illuminator PM-LSD 2 Slide Copier
Auto Bellows Copy Stand & Table Clamp Trans-Illuminator LSD Roll Film Stage
Telescopic Auto Tube 65-116 Macrophoto Stand VST-1 Fibre Light Source FLQ 75 PMT-35
Stage Glasses & Plates & FM Lieberkühn Reflectors Light Shield Tube PM-SDM
Trans-Illuminator Base X-DE Mirror Housings Adapter PM-EA
Trans-Illuminator Base VL-DIA-A Centering Mirror PM-ELcs
Spare Lamps

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Extension units comparison
A set of three Extension Tubes (7,14,25mm) provides the extensions 7,14,21,25,32,39 and 46mm.
The Telescopic Auto Tube can stepless be extended from 65 to 116mm.
The Auto Bellows can stepless be extended from 36 to 198mm (56 to 218mm with the lens reversed).

Auto Bellows S: Shift/Tilt Bellows Prototype
The book The World of OM-Systems (Die Welt des OM-Systems) by Franz Pangerl, published by Olympus Germany (2nd edition 1977) contains a picture of a bellows with a tilt / shift mechanism for extended control of perspective and depth of field in macro photography, similar to an optical bench. This bellows was designed and prototyped but never put into production for unknown reasons. The picture (see below) shows it with a prototype of the 135mm/F4.5 lens, that probably would have been compatible with this bellows. Apparently this lens was originally designed with a smallest aperture of F22. The lens was finally produced with a smallest aperture of F45. The Auto Bellows S also appears in early Macrophoto Group Charts, such as the one displayed in the manual of the OM-1MD.