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A stable close-up copying photographic device for making copies of documents, books, photographs, and so on.

Because this device is small and lightweight it is very portable.
This unit consists of a mount in which lenses with a 49mm filter size can be clamped, and four segmented legs that can be combined at three different fixed lengths.

At these lengths, the combination 50mm/F1.4 lens with 49mm, f=40cm close-up lens covers areas of 20.3x13.6cm, 27.4x18.3cm, and 38.0x25.3cm.

The Copy Stand Mount is marked for aligning 35mm full frame format lenses, or Pen (35mm half-frame format) lenses.
This copy stand is intended to be used with the 50mm/F3.5 Macro Lens or a 50mm Standard Lens with Close-up Lens, or selected Olympus cameras 1.

When the 55mm/F1.2 lens is used the optional 55->49mm Adapter Ring is necessary.

Two Adapter Rings( 43->59mm and 22.5/43.5->49mm) are included for selected Olympus cameras 1

 1 The Handy Copy Stand can also be used with the Olympus FTL, Pen FT, Pen F3.5, Pen S F3.5, Pen S F2.8, Pen EES, Pen EES-2, 35RC, Trip 35 and 35SP.

This device cannot be used with the Olympus Pen EE-2, 35EC, 35EC-2 or 35ECR.

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