Macrophoto Group       Trans-illuminator LSD & Transformer TE-2

Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
A universal lighting source for transmitted lighting consisting of a 30W lamp, an exchangeable cobalt filter and a 6-8V variable transformer. The 15cm stand makes it easy to direct the light source from the desired height and angle.
A condensor lens mounted on a rack-and-pinion permits beam convergence at 10cm focal length, divergence or parallel adjustment.
A built-in aperture allows precise adjustments of the light intensity.
The detachable filter holder comes equipped with a square cobalt filter for daylight color temperature conversion.
The filter holder accepts both square (60x45mm) and round (45mm) filters.
It can be used as a source for transmitted lighting with the Trans-illuminator Base X-DE.
Permits shadowless incident lighting when used with a Lieberkühn Reflector and the Shaded Stage Plate.
The transformer TE-2 is also available as a separate unit.
The Trans-illuminator LSD can also be used for transmitted lighting with a microscope.