Photomicro Group       Semi-Automatic Photomicrographic System PM-10AK

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The Semi-Automatic Photomicrographic System PM-10AK is a complete system for photomicrography with Automatic Exposure control.

It consists of 9 units, including the Automatic Exposure Body PM-PBK, Control Unit PM-CBK, etc., to automatically determine correct exposure time, compensate for reciprocity failure, and advance film after each exposure.

It is available in four different configurations with various film/camera backs (35mm, 4"x5", Polaroid, 16mm movie).
The PM-PBK incorporates an electronically controlled shutter in an automatic exposure range from 1/125 sec. to over 4 minutes.
ISO setting and exposure adjustment is done using the control cluster on the exposure body.
The estimated exposure time is indicated in 4-steps increments on a LED display.
For vibration free operation the shutter can be operated using the  Control Unit PM-CBK.
The Exposure Body requires the Photomicro Adapter H and 35mm SLR Camera Adapter PM-D35S to mount an OM body.

OM bodies supporting Automatic Exposure must be set to manual operation for use with the PM-10A(D), since it functions as a completely automatic photomicrographic exposure system.