Photomicro Group       35mm SLR Camera Adapters PM-D35S / PM-D35 / PM-D35A 

Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
The PM-D35S is a generic adapter to mount 35mm cameras to other units of the Photomicro and Macrophoto Groups, in combination with a camera mount adapter.

The PM-D35 and PM-D35A are specialized adapters, to be used with the microscope cameras C-35DA-2 or C-35AD-4. 
The PM-D35 is used with manual exposure bodies, the PM-D35A is used with automatic exposure bodies.
These adapters are used for mounting 35mm cameras on the Automatic Exposure Bodies PM-PBA / PM-PBS, the Manual Exposure Body PM-PBM or the Macrophotographic Equipment PMT-35. For connecting an OM body the OM-Mount Photomicro Adapter H is used with the PM-D35S.

The Adapters PM-D35 and PM-D35A are intended for  microscope cameras and cannot be used with OM bodies.