Phototechnical Group       Cable Release SR-II & Double Cable Release

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Two cable releases that can be used to minimize vibrations.
The Cable Release SR-II is a normal cable release for manual timed exposures (bulb settings), astrophotography, macrophotography and microphotography.
The Double Cable Release is specially intended for use with the Auto Bellows, allowing simultaneous operation of the camera shutter and the aperture of automatic lenses.
The flexible part of Cable Release SR-II has a length of 31cm.
The flexible parts of the Double Cable Release has different lengths: 31cm and 37cm.
The long end is intended for the Auto Bellows and is adjustable to make sure the aperture closes well before the shutter is operated.
The Double cable Release has a Lock Knob for long manual timed exposures (bulb settings).
For telephotography with a tripod it is recommended to hold the camera steady with both hands and press the shutter release with the ball of finger, not with the cable release.