Photomicro Group       Automatic Exposure Control Units PM-CBA / PM-CBAD / PM-CBSP

Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
The PM-CBA and PM-CBAD are the control units for the Automatic Exposure Bodies PM-PBA, PM-PBS and PM-PBSP. The console cabinet of the PM-CBA is provided with switches for automatic exposure, time exposure and flash synchronization, and dials for ASA fine adjustment and color temperature adjustment.
Push-button operation permits automatic shutter release, manual shutter operation, film advance and light check.

The PM-CBAD controls the PM-PBS and has a digital display, film format selector switches, a reciprocity failure compensation dial and a film end indicator for the C-35AD-4 camera back.
It has provisions for the electronic flash PM-LSS, Time Lapse Control Unit PM-IVM and Foot Switch PM-FS.

The PM-CBSP has provisions for spot metering on the PM-PBSP.
See also the description of the Auto-Photomicrographic System PM-10A / PM-10AD.