Flashphoto Group       Electronic Flash T20

Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
Energy-saving, series-circuit type, system electronic flash unit.
TTL Auto, Normal Auto (2 apertures) and Manual can be instantly selected.
Charge/Auto check lamp is visible in both the viewfinder (not on the OM-1/OM-2) and on the back of the T20.
Guide number 20m (ASA 100).
The coverage angle is almost equal to the picture angle of a 35mm wide angle lens.
TTL Auto: reflected flash light is measured Off The Film.
The features of the system are:
1) ASA flm speed and aperture need not be set on the flash.
2) lens aperture is used continuously
3) extensive working range 25cm~16m (F1.2 lens, ASA 100)
4) auto macrophotography and photomicro- flashphotography is possible
5) flash-light acceptance angle coincides with lens picture angle.
Two 1.5V "AA" batteries (including Ni-Cd) may be used.
The T20 cannot be used on a camera having no hot shoe.
With the optional TTL Auto Connector T20 or the Power Bounce Grip 2, and a TTL Auto Cord T, TTL off-camera operation is possible.
The external power socket is used in conjunction with the F.AC Adapter 2.
The following flashphoto group units are exclusively for use with the Quick Auto 310 and cannot be used with a T series flash:
Bounce grip, Synchro Cord, Remote Sensor, TTL Auto Cord, 315V Power Pack 1 and F.AC Adapter.

Main specifications

Type: Energy-saving, series-circuit type Centralized Control (TTL Auto) flash unit with Normal Auto and Manual capability). Connection to camera
Mechanical: clip-on type (via accessory shoe) or grip type (via Power Bounce Grip 2).
Electrical: Direct contact (hot shoe), or via Power Bounce Grip 2 or via TTL Auto Connector T20.
Guide Number: 20m (ASA 100) Calculator Panel: Reversible plate type - blank side for TTL Auto mode on cameras that support TTL flash and calculator side for Normal Auto and Manual modes. Available with scale either in meters or in feet.
Coverage angle: 40 vertical, 58 horizontal (covers picture area of 35mm lens). TTL AUTO
Aperture setting: continuous, accords with aperture ring setting of camera-linked lens.
Working range: 0.25m-16m (100 ASA, F1.2 lens).
Bounce flash: Power Bounce Grip 2 + TTL Auto Cord T 0.3 or 0.6m.
Flash confirmation: flash ready and flash OK LED on the flash. Viewfinder indication contact provided.
Flash duration: 1/40.000~1/1000 sec. NORMAL AUTO
Aperture setting: Choice of two apertures (F4 and F8 at 100 ASA).
Sensor Acceptance Angle: approx. 20.
Working range: 1m-5m (F4, 100 ASA), 0.5m-2.5m (F8, 100 ASA).
Bounce flash: not possible (Flash Sensor will move along with bounced operation of Power Bounce Grip 2).
Flash confirmation: flash ready and flash OK LED on the flash. Viewfinder indication contact provided.
Recycling time: 0.2-10 sec. with AA Alkaline batteries on TTL Auto and Normal Auto. Manual flash guide number: 20 (ASA 100, m).
Flashes per set of AA Alkaline batteries: 120~500 on TTL Auto and Normal Auto modes. Power Sources:
1) Two 1.5V AA 'penlight'batteries (incl. Ni-Cd batteries)
2) Power Bounce Grip 2
3) F.AC Adapter 2.
Color temperature: 5800K. Dimensions and weight: 77x68x57mm, 160g without batteries.