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OM-101 Power Focus

Two years after the introduction of the OM-707 Olympus introduced a sister camera: the OM-101 Power Focus. It does not support autofocus, but only power focus: the focus motor in the lens is controlled by a dial on the back of the camera, at the right side. The eight AF lenses that where introduced with the OM-707 can be used, as well as most MF Zuiko lenses. Besides two PF lenses were introduced; these work only with the OM-101.
Power focusing was not new to Olympus: the 35-70/F4 AF lens that was introduced with the OM-30 in 1983 had both AF and PF, and so has the OM-707. It is also present on the top models of the IS-series (1000, 2000, 3000). Olympus is about the only SLR manufacturer who believed in this technology. All others use conventional focusing rings on their AF lenses.
The OM-101 was targeted at amateur photographers who wanted a very simple user interface with minimal controls. Even when AF/PF lenses are mounted, there is no information at all about the used shutter speed and aperture. Program shift is also missing, there is only one program so the photographer has no idea at all what the camera will select. There isn't even an AE lock function. The only influence is by a Back Light Button. With MF Zuiko lenses the camera switches to aperture preferred AE, slightly better but with the shutter speed being conceiled rather useless for serious photography. Fortunately there is the Manual Adapter 2 that allows Manual exposure, and aperture preferred AE with AF/PF lenses. A must have add-on for any serious work.
The OM-101 was only available in black. There still exists a special modified scientific version of this camera with dedicated focusing screens: the SC35.

Main specifications

Type: TTL auto-exposure 35 mm SLR camera. Viewfinder information: LED display; Contents: flash ready and correct exposure signal, exposure modes (P/A), camera shake warning, manual exposure guide.
Film format: 24x36mm. Film loading: Auto-loading (automatically wound to first frame); warning for auto-loading error with audible and visible signals (PCV and LED).
Lens mount: Olympus OM mount, designed for AF/PF lenses. Accepts Olympus AF lenses, Olympus PF lenses and Olympus OM System Zuiko lenses1. Film advance: Automatic advance (winding speed: max. 0.5 sec.).
Shutter: Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter. Shutter speed: 2-1/2000 sec. (bulb exposure is possible with Manual Adapter 2). Battery life: 25 rolls of 24-exposure film or more (with alkaline-manganese batteries at normal temperature, according to Olympus testing conditions).
Focusing: Olympus AF/PF lenses: Power Focus with dial (lens drive is controlled by sensing the operation speed). Zuiko lenses: with focusing ring. Exposure counter: Progressive type with automatic reset.
Light metering method: TTL Direct "OTF" Light metering (center-weighted, average light measurement). Film rewind: Automatic rewind with rewind button. Automatic stop at film end.
Exposure modes: (1) Programmed exposure (2) Aperture-priority auto exposure (with Manual Adapter 2) (3) Manual Exposure (with Manual Adapter 2). Automatic switchover to aperture-priority auto exposure with Zuiko lenses. Self-timer: 12 sec. delay electronic self-timer.
Programmed automatic exposure control: Electronic shutter with automatic control of aperture and shutter speed; light measuring range: EV1~EV20 (ISO 100, 50mm. F1.8). Camera back: Interchangeable, provided with film check window.
Backlight compensation: +1.5EV (with backlight control button). Power source: Four AAA-size alkaline-manganese batteries.
Flash control: TTL Direct "OTF" Auto Flash (when using T Series flashes or Full-Synchro Flash F280). Battery check: 3-step display with LED and PCV.
Synchronization: Through accessory shoe (X contact). The synchronization shutter speed of 1/80 sec. is automatically set with T series flashes and the Full-Synchro Flash F280.
Other flashes can only be used when Manual Adapter 2 is installed; the Adapter has an X setting (1/80 sec.).
Dimensions: 151 x 90 x 63 mm.
Film speeds: ISO 25-3200; automatic setting with DX-coded film. Weight: 569g. (without batteries).
Viewfinder: Focusing screen: Fixed, Super Lumi-Micron Matte with split-image and microprism. Finder view-field: 93% of actual picture field. Magnification: 0.8x at infinity with 50mm standard lens.  

1 The Zuiko 500/8, Zuiko 600/6.5, Zuiko 1000/11, 24/3.5 Shift, 35/2.8 Shift and Auto Bellows can't be used.

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